Ministry of Clouds

The husband and wine team of Bernice and Julian have been behind the wine making and viticulture of some of Australia's finest modern wines.  They have now headed out of the harbour and into the rough seas of their own label, MOC (Ministry of Clouds).  And the results are stunning.  Their wines have a modern edge that ensures they are approachable and complex in youth, yet have a backbone built for cellaring.

There is a subtle change occurring within the ranks of Australia's Riesling makers.  It's not new.  German and French winemakers have been using this technique for longer than Australia has been Australia.  It involves keeping the pressed Riesling juice on its solids for an extended period and whilst it rests the juice is gently stirred.  This method is used more often in the making of wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Gris which are associated with a richer mouth feel.

In the case of Riesling it has a similar impact.  However with the natural acidity of Riesling, there isn't the weight in the palate that you find with Chardonnay and the like.  Bernice and Julian embrace the solids and lees stirring method, and their Riesling has a texture that delights the palate and balances our the often searing Clare Valley acidity. 

Modern wine making at it's best!

We range the following wines:

2015 Ministry of Clouds Chardonnay, Tasmania  
2014 Ministry of Clouds Grenache, McLaren Vale SA  
2015 Ministry of Clouds Shiraz, McLaren Vale SA  

Ministry of Clouds
Wine Maker Bernice Ong & Julian Fornwood
Region McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, Tasmania