Lobethal Road

This old vine vineyard is nestled in the shadow of Mount Torrens within the Adelaide Hills region. At 475 meters above sea level it is perfectly suited for producing clean, expressive and flavorsome wines. A minimal intervention approach ensures the wines show typicity and each variety is easily identifiable. 

We range the following wines:

2016 Lobethal Road Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills SA  
2016 Lobethal Road Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills SA  
2015 Lobethal Road Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills SA  
2015 Lobethal Road Shiraz Adelaide Hills SA  

Lobethal Raod
Wine Maker Dave Neyle & Michael Sykes
Region Mount Torrens, Adelaide Hills

Ministry of Clouds

The husband and wine team of Bernice and Julian have been behind the wine making and viticulture of some of Australia's finest modern wines.  They have now headed out of the harbour and into the rough seas of their own label, MOC (Ministry of Clouds).  And the results are stunning.  Their wines have a modern edge that ensures they are approachable and complex in youth, yet have a backbone built for cellaring.

There is a subtle change occurring within the ranks of Australia's Riesling makers.  It's not new.  German and French winemakers have been using this technique for longer than Australia has been Australia.  It involves keeping the pressed Riesling juice on its solids for an extended period and whilst it rests the juice is gently stirred.  This method is used more often in the making of wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Gris which are associated with a richer mouth feel.

In the case of Riesling it has a similar impact.  However with the natural acidity of Riesling, there isn't the weight in the palate that you find with Chardonnay and the like.  Bernice and Julian embrace the solids and lees stirring method, and their Riesling has a texture that delights the palate and balances our the often searing Clare Valley acidity. 

Modern wine making at it's best!

We range the following wines:

2015 Ministry of Clouds Chardonnay, Tasmania  
2014 Ministry of Clouds Grenache, McLaren Vale SA  
2015 Ministry of Clouds Shiraz, McLaren Vale SA  

Ministry of Clouds
Wine Maker Bernice Ong & Julian Fornwood
Region McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, Tasmania

Rouleur Wines

When it comes to wine making, Matt East has an amazing pedigree.

From his pristine vineyard in the upper Yarra Valley and from some of McLaren Vale's best Grenache, Matt produces wines that are full of balance, prettiness and finesse.  All his wines can be cellared or enjoyed now.

We stock the following:
2015 Rouleur Chardonnay, Yarra Valley Vic
2015 Rouleur Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley Vic
2014 Rouleur Grenache, McLaren Vale SA

Rouleur Wines

Brash Higgins

Brad is a former New York Sommelier who fell in love with an Aussie lass and found himself in the wilds of McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Since then he has established a modern, on the verge of becoming iconic brand; Brash Higgins.

The Brash Higgins brand embodies old world wine making techniques, old world varieties and a modern ethos.  The wines are vibrant and approachable with deep complexity.

We stock the following wines:
2015 Brash Higgins Zibibbo, McLaren Vale SA
2015 Riesling Semillon, McLaren Vale SA
2014 Grenache Mataro, McLaren Vale SA
2014 Nero d'Avola, McLaren Vale SA
2014 Cabernet Franc, McLaren Vale SA
2014 Merlot, McLaren Vale SA

Brash Higgins

Box Grove Vineyard

Sarah Gough describes herself as a winegrower and a mother.  This is significant because it applies a nuture and nature approach rather than a wholly scientific approach towards creating wine.  

Nature and nurture does not try and fix the outcome regardless of vintage conditions; resulting in wines which express their journey and are raised more like children than robots.

Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop stocks the following Box Grove wines:

  • NV Box Grove Brut Prosecco
  • 2015 Box Grove Primitivo Rose
  • 2013 Box Grove Amarone Primitivo

Box Grove Vineyard


Brown Brothers 1889 Wine Series

Brown Brothers have been making wines on their site in Milawa since 1889 and are officially branded amongst Australia's First Families of Wine.

The Browns have an intimate knowledge of Milawa, the King Valley and Whitlands, and have had alternative varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Tempranillo ans Sangiovese planted there for decades.  Recently they released their 1889 Series that commemorates their genesis and provides consumers with brilliant wines under $20.

We stock the following wines at $16.98

  • 2014 Brown Brothers 1889 Pinot Grigio, King Valley Vic
  • 2014 Brown Brothers 1889 Chardonnay, King Valley Vic
  • 2013 Brown Brothers 1889 Cabernet Sauvignon, King Valley & Surrounds Vic
  • 2014 Brown Brothers 1889 Tempranillo, King Valley & Surrounds Vic

Brown Brothers

Scorpo Vineyard & Winery


This month at Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop, our featured producer is Scorpo Vineyard and Winery.  Scorpo Winery is owned by Paul Scorpo with the wines being made by cult winemaker Sandro Mosele.

Terroir plays an important  role in the making of great wines and nowhere is it more important than the Mornington Peninsula.  Paul has chosen his vineyard sites with an emphasis on soil type and maximum sunshine hours.  Scorpo wines offer a wonderful balance of being accessible in their youth and having the balance to age gracefully.

Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop stocks the following Scorpo wines

  • 2014 Scorpo Aubaine Chardonnay
  • 2014 Scorpo Pinot Gris
  • 013 Scorpo Noirien Pinot Noir

Scorpo Vineyard & Winery

Scorpo Wines will be featured in a complimentary tasting

Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop
Friday July 17
5:30pm - 7:30pm




Zema Estate

Supplier Focus

This month at Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop, our featured producer is Zema Estate.  Zema Estate is a family owned winery located on the rich terra rossa soil of Coonawarra. Their wines have remained incredibly consistent throughout the decades and have never been better.  Zema Estate offers both drink-now accessibility and the opportunity to re-stock the cellar.

Grosvenor Bottle Shop stocks:

  • 2010 Cluny Cabernet Merlot
  • 2010 Shiraz
  • 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon 

Zema Estate

Come in and try our featured producer, Zema Estate, showcasing their Cluny Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon 

Friday April 24
5.30pm – 7.30pm

No Charge