Grosvenor Hotel | Review by Forsake


November 28 2016 | Forsake

By Ricky Sam

This iconic Melbourne pub on Brighton Road, St Kilda has transformed itself over the decades. Dating back to the 1800’s, The Grosvenor Hotel has been able to remain on top of the competitive Melbourne foodie scene with the most recent refurbishment completed in 2011. The multi-faceted venue is complete with an atrium, terrace, cocktail bar, bistro, wine bar, private dining room and an upstairs function room as well as an external burger bar (STKBB) and drive through bottle-o, yep, drive through.

The Grosvenor Hotel isn’t your usual suburban-pub. Swap dim-lighting with retro Edison bulbs, broken wobbly chairs for polished black bentwood. Instead of pitchers of Melbourne Bitters, find a wine list that focuses on elegant Victorian wine. No mystery $10 steak from who-knows-where, get premium cuts of 100% certified Gippsland grass-fed beef that’s been aged in-house for 40 days.

Despite sounding oh-so-fancy, The Grosvenor Hotel caters for everyone. From family dinners with the children, casual work drinks with your work crush or rowdy birthday parties with the gang. The interior is inoffensive and the menu includes the pub classics to please all, such as a selection of parma’s, woodfire pizzas, burgers, steak, children's menu and happy hour specials.

With 3 days notice, you can order the whole suckling pig for $650 which is enough to feed 10 people. For light grazing, there’s a selection of cured meats including San Danielle prosciutto, Jamon serrano, Fuet anis salami or 'nduja served with house pickles, olives, and wood fired oven bread.  For those on a diet, the whole roasted flounder with butter caper dressing, cavolo nero, chilli, garlic, parmesan, and almonds sounds right up your alley. For those who want to tick something off their ‘weird things i’ve eaten’ list, there’s lambs brain with gribiche, lemon and herb salad. Glutards can get their woodfired pizza on a gluten-free base at no extra cost. 

Last, but certainly not least is dessert. You can opt for their range cheese and wine or indulge in some cake made by their in-house pastry chef. The cakes include caramel gateau, lemon meringue dome, iced Vovo (remember those old-school jammy marshmallowy biscuits?) and so much more.

The Grosvenor Hotel is certainly a people-pleaser. A safe option with a bit more finesse than the usual pub. 

Grosvenor Hotel | Behind the scenes with Head Chef Paul Tyas


November 22 2016 | Smudge Eats

By Beth Yeoman

For some people, deciding on a career path is daunting and confusing, but Paul Tyas knew he wanted to become a chef from as young as four years old.

While his parents thought it was a hobby he would grow out of, Paul was set on a culinary career and left school at just 15 years old to take on an apprenticeship.

Moving to Europe to prove his worth, Paul has been tested by some of England and France’s most acclaimed chefs and is now back in Melbourne making his mark with the Grosvenor, recently awarded ‘People’s Choice Pub’ in the 2016 Time Out Pub Awards.


You started your cooking apprenticeship at Walters Wine Bar at only 15! How did you know you wanted to be a chef at this age?
It all stems back to the first day of primary school. The first book I checked out from the library was Michael Salmon’s Monsters Cook book. I got home, made pancakes with my mum and I was hooked.

What made you move to England to pursue cooking? What new techniques did you learn over there?
It was instilled in me that all good cooks should cut their teeth over in England. As far as skills I learnt: hard work, and I also learnt about restraint when cooking.

You also worked in France, what do you love so much about French cooking?
I love that food is a past-time – no TVs, just conversation, good food and enjoying a drink through the process of preparing and serving it.  It’s amazing just how much food is embedded in the day to day.

Which restaurant has been your favourite to work in? Why?
Grosvenor Hotel, I’m very proud of what we have achieved by reintroducing the Aussie local. Not a scotch egg or HP sauce bottle in sight.

You worked as sous chef under Peter Reffel at Bleeding Heart (in London), Scott Pickett at The Point Albert Park, and alongside Jacques Reymond and George Calombaris, who has been your most influential mentor?
All of them.  I still chat to all of them often. I hold a very special place for Paul Raynor, who is currently Head Chef at the Middle Brighton Baths, as he was pivotal in teaching me to be comfortable with who I am and challenging myself out of the kitchen too.

You started in a pub and now you’re back at a pub, is this where you feel most comfortable cooking?
I’m more than happy to cook anywhere as long as it’s using great produce, and is enjoyed by who I am cooking for – our guests.

Grosvenor Hotel | Ranked as one of Melbourne's best steaks by The Urban List


October 26 2016 | The Urban List

By Peter Tzimos

There’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak for a no-fuss mid-week dinner or a Friday night dinner date, and with these places cooking up some of the best meat in Melbourne, you’re sure to find something for every night of the week. Without further ado, here are Melbourne’s best steaks:


The Grosvenor Hotel
St Kilda

The main attraction at the Grosvenor is their grass-fed Angus Victorian beef, which is aged on site for six weeks to create the most mouth-watering flavours. There are five cuts available alongside the NY strip loin that is cut to order, so you won’t have to settle for anything but the best. And if you’re not feeling like beef, you can splurge on a whole suckling pig with all the trimmings, or have a glass of wine from the Grosvenor’s extensive list.

See the full article here.

Grosvenor Hotel | Gippsland Victoria Eye Fillet, image by Gastrology 


October 18 2016 | Gastrology

Opened since the 1800's, Grosvenor Hotel is an iconic location.

Rabih Yanni took over Grosvenor Hotel in July 2014, making changes to the menu, drinks list and culture to fit his philosophy of sharing and celebrating over food and wine. The multi-faceted venue offers a bistro, drive-thru burger bar (STKBB), function areas and grocery and bottle store.

We enjoyed dining in their bistro - the perfect venue for relaxed dining. The expansive menu at Grosvenor Hotel by talented chef Paul Tyas, features pub classics and prides itself on a commitment to sourcing, ageing and preparing premium cuts of grass fed Victorian beef.

To start the Burrata was lovely. This cheese sensation demonstrated that unforgettable dishes can sometimes be very simple. In this instance, a ball of unadulterated burrata simply paired with mushroom and broad bean dressing. When the outer solid mozzarella shell was cut, we loved how the creamy interior of soft, stringy curd and fresh cream revealed itself. The sumptuously rich yet sensibly balanced flavours were sensational.

Another must-have is Grosvenor's cured meats selection. The selection of salumi was a display of superlative flavours comprising of a respectable assembly of San Daniele prosciutto, Jamon serrano, Fuet anis salami, ‘Ndjua, house pickles served alongside olives and wood fired oven bread. The Ndjua and San Daniele prosciutto were in particular excellent – both possessing a richness that had been further enhanced by the flavours of the intense curing salt mix.

For mains, we recommend sharing the grass fed, Gippsland chateaubriand steak, the classic steak for two made from the centre-cut fillet. Like most high-quality cuts, it was best cooked rare to medium. Displaying a mastery in the manner the steak were cooked, the steak was cooked perfectly from end to end. A light searing ensured that each steak was lined with a thin crisp layer packed with caramelised beef flavour. 

For dessert, a peek in to the cake cabinet is a must. In house Pastry Chef Daniel James brings back childhood memories with a regularly rotating array of classics. Think lemon meringue dome, iced Vo-Vo or chocolate coated honeycomb (each available to enjoy whilst dining in or to take away).

The iced Vo-Vo is an absolute stunner - Nostalgic and delicious. We loved the balance of flavours between the pink fondant, raspberry and coconut. Simply delightful! For chocolate lovers, the Grosvenor Gateaux is wonderfully indulgent - Think crunchy hazelnut feuilletine, flourless chocolate biscuit, passionfruit cremeux and chocolate Bavarian mousse.

Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop | Craft Beer and Cider Selection


October 2016 | National Liquor News

We chat with Rabih Yanni, the owner of The Grosvenor Hotel and Thirsty Camel Bottle Shop in St Kilda East, Victoria, who has come up with some innovative ways to 'activate' redundant space in his store. 

What lead you to a career in liquor retailing?
I have always managed and owned ‘traditional’ pubs which usually included a drive through bottle shop. These included Mentone, Beaumaris and now the Grosvenor Hotel. So until I could think of a better use for the space I thought I should try my hand at retailing. I am fortunate to have observed the market prior to the rise of ‘big box’ retailing.

What have been some successful innovations in your store?
We hold weekly beer, spirits and wine tastings. We also offer counter snacks, St David’s milk, and a delicatessen section including our very own aged meats. The overall store lighting and presentation is also worth a mention and the introduction of St Kilda Burger Bar and a grocery and deli section have been very successful for us.

What approaches have you taken to give your store a unique offering?
Product range and knowledge. This is led by a store manager who comes from an on-premise background; having managed Chef Hat awarded establishments, as well as his own business and has been in the industry almost as long as I have. A hospitality professional understands customer service, beyond passing a beverage to someone in a drive through.

When did you decide to expand into grocery and gourmet burgers?
We decided to expand into a grocery and burgers about three months after taking over the business. Around 70 per cent of our footprint was redundant and non-income producing so I thought of ways to ‘activate the space’ and encourage our guests to park and browse the store or drive-in to collect burgers/pizzas and shop in-store while they wait. Also, we were serving approximately 200kg of prime cut meat inside the hotel and needed a use for the beef trim. There was only so much Bolognese we could make.

What do you think sets your store apart from your local competitors?
We give our customers the ability to call ahead and collect dinner on the way home along with their beverages using drive through convenience. We also offer extended trading hours, seven days per week.

What products are the big movers? Why?
The staple products continue to move with much effort and in conjunction with the Burger Bar. We are also seeing the rise of individual units of craft beer, as the craft beer drinker likes to try a range of beers in a single session; though this does mean a reduction in ‘slab’ sales.

What are the biggest issues facing liquor retailers?
We can all bang on about the obvious by my advice to our guys is keep an eye on what we’re doing and stay in touch with the market; this is done by listening to both customers and suppliers.

Grosvenor Hotel | Age Good Food Guide 2017 Review 


September 2016 | Good Food

By The Age Good Food Guide 2017

Pub Dining 14/20

St Kilda's Grosvenor Hotel has gradually refined its definition of 'drinking food' over recent years to hit on a fairly compelling formula: grass-fed steaks, wood-fired pizza, several variants of parma and burger, larger dishes for groups to share (whole fish, suckling pig, lamb shoulder), and a handful of carefully chosen snacks such as grilled king prawns with chorizo, cured meats, braised octopus and a terrific salad with peas, mint and cos. Even the kids get a great menu that doesn't involve nuggets. It's a well considered architectural space, with an outdoor terrace to catch afternoon sun, a pub-like main bar, bright main bistro, and several quiet nooks and crannies. Its engine room, the pizza oven, sticks largely to a classic repertoire (buffalo mozzarella, san daniele prosciutto, fior di latte) on crisp bases. Steaks come in five varieties and two sizes, and the burger menu includes an on-trend number with jalapenos and hot sauce. If the calorie count allows, go the Nutella Calzone.

Pro tip: Takeaway pizza and burgers are available from the drive-through bottle shop.

Grosvenor Hotel | Featured on The Crafty Pints 'Crafty Crawls'


September 2016 | Crafty Crawls

By Kerry McBride

At long last, life is getting easier for beer lovers south of the Yarra as more bars and restaurants start to take a walk on the crafty side. Along Chapel Street and its surrounds, places like Ladro TAP and The Windsor Alehouse are lining up impressive tap lists showcasing beers from across the Australian and international beer worlds.

Combine that with classic beer venues such as The Local Taphouse, and throw in a few restaurants that are taking beer seriously, and you’ve got quite the southside adventure on your hands. Best of all? These venues are all within walking distance or tram ride of each other, so no designated driver required.

You could embark on this Crafty Crawl in either direction. We've decided to start at its outer reaches in case you want to continue along Chapel until it becomes Church and on into Richmond and Abbotsford – or detour to the CBD to keep the evening rolling.

Stop One: Grosvenor Hotel, 10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East

"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start."

Or is it the very end? Either way, the Grosvenor Hotel is found just 50m from the southern end of Chapel Street and is a local favourite thanks to its spacious bar area, killer burger bar next door, and a growing passion for the craftier realms of the beers world.

The beer fridges offer up plenty of options to satisfy whatever you might need, and the taps are likely to be pouring brews from the likes of Stone & Wood, Barrow Boys, Coopers, 3 Ravens and their ilk. The formal dining menu was also due for a beery upgrade at the time of writing, with sharing bottles set to be a large part of the focus for the beer list. Whether you’re after a piled high burger, a fine cut of steak or something from their excellent cheese and charcuterie selection, you certainly won’t go hungry – or thirsty.

Read the rest of the article here.

Grosvenor Hotel | It's the three B's that serve for the perfect night out - beer, burgers and bingo.


August 15 2016 | Onya Magazine

St Kilda’s beloved pub, Grosvenor Hotel, is teaming up with three Australian craft breweries on Monday, 12 September to take beer buffs through custom-designed rounds of ‘beer bingo’.

Melbourne-based Wolf of the Willow’s will join Coopers Brewery and Byron Bay’s Stone & Wood Brewing Company as each take the mic to present not only their own craft brews, but a tailored version of the timeless game, designed with their specific beer in mind.

Guests will relish in an expertly crafted beer per round, matched alongside burgers created by Grosvenor Hotel’s Head Chef and proud beef expert, Paul Tyas.

Wolf of the Willows will showcase its Extra Pale Ale, with Maris Otter and wheat malts providing a subtle biscuity background that supports a soft and rounded bitterness, while Coopers Pale Ale ensures a refreshing and smooth easy drinking brew. The Byron boys’ will offer their handcrafted Green Coast larger, a light amber-coloured beer with a full malt flavour and soft clean finish.

Grosvenor Hotel is known for its passion for quality, grass-fed beef from Victoria, and this event will not disappoint. Guests will get the opportunity to choose from an array of succulent burgers, including the legendary The Grosvenor, with premium beef, cheese, smokey bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

It’s a rare chance for guests to gain inside knowledge into some of the industries heavy hitters, with an array of prizes up for grabs.

Grosvenor Hotel | Private Dining Room


August 10 2016 | Melbourne Girl

Located at the top end corner of Chapel Street and Brighton Road, the Grosvenor Hotel takes pride in being an iconic and memorable venue of St Kilda.

Having been around since the 1800’s this establishment has gone through extensive refurbishments to ensure it suits the ever changing arena of dining experiences for it’s numerous patrons and it shows. The venue is warm, inviting, alluring and modern, all at once.

Catering for most (if not all) occasions, the Grosvenor Hotel smashes it outside the ball park when it comes to their commitment to sourcing, ageing and preparing the best cuts of premium grass fed Victorian beef.

Grosvenor Hotel | Grass fed steak, Gippsland Victoria
Grosvenor Hotel | Wood fired herb bread
Grosvenor Hotel | Fennel and chickpea chips

With dishes like Cured meats San Daniele prosciutto, Jamon serrano, Fuet anis salami, ‘Ndjua, house pickles, olives and wood fired oven bread, Clarence River jumbo prawns, sweet pepper, chipotle butter, pea tendrils, Fennel and chickpea chips, sauce romesco and the piece de resistanceVictorian Grass Fed 250 gram Eye Fillet (aged 40 days in-house), hand cut chips with mushroom sauce, you can see why the locals keep coming back night after night.

The Grosvenor Hotel does steak and does it EXTREMELY well, that’s for sure.

Keen to take your Dad for Father’s Day? The Grosvenor Hotel is currently taking bookings for guests who will be able to order from the scrumptious a la carte menu, which features many of the dishes mentioned above (and so much more).

SO much more than your normal pub, The Grosvenor is a local favourite.


August 4 2016 | Weekend Notes

By Gwen O'Toole

You may have passed by The Grosvenor Hotel many times over the years thinking it's just your run-of-the-mill St Kilda corner pub, but you'd be mistaken. Since its complete transformation just 5 years ago, it's taken a leap forward with the opening of the popular St Kilda Burger Bar in the drive through bottle shop, as well as a bottle shop which offers so much more than just your normal wine and beer. 

Once you step inside the venue, sit down. It's pretty easy to see why this pub has recently been named the People's Choice Pub in the 2016 Time Out Pub Guide. You'll find it divided into the Bistro area and a wine bar. Either side an ideal spot to grab a bite for a casual meal or a special occasion. There's even a private dining room for special celebrations or larger group dining.

But what The Grosvenor specialises in isn't just a great atmosphere, it's steak. You'll find them serving up some of the best grass fed, dry aged Angus beef you'll find anywhere in Melbourne. And with father's day coming up, if dad is a steak lover, this is your place. 

Even better, The Grosvenor does takeaway packs of the very same quality meat that can be pre-ordered and collected. Ideal for BBQs, a special event, or simply a dinner party that's set to impress. 

If steak isn't your thing, the menu also offers up a variety of burgers, pizzas and much more to keep even the vegetarians happy, including some of the best roasted kent pumpkin with feta you'll ever have in your lifetime. Seriously, no exaggeration.

Serving up some of Melbourne's best steak; The Grosvenor Hotel. 
There's roasted pumpkin and then there's this delicious magic. 

The bistro is family friendly and the wine bar is a great place for casual drinks with friends. There's also plenty of quiet spots to make it a great little date night spot. Wine aficionados will have a solid wine list to choose from and we were lucky enough to have the venue's wine buyer on site for the evening to recommend some tasty drops matched to our meal. 

With great service and some seriously good steak, this is one spot that you'll need to put on your Melbourne 'to-eat' list ASAP. And with Father's Day around the corner, you can hop online to make a book to treat dad to dinner.

Grosvenor Hotel | Time Out People's Choice Pub 2016

'TIme out pub awards 2016'

May 2016 |

By Time Out Pub Guide 2016

Winner People's Choice

You might not expect to find a place like the Grosvenor here on Brighton Road in St Kilda East.  From a distance, it looks like any other massive suburban pub; nondescript brick exterior, drive-through bottle-o, a couple of blokes having pots on the terrace.  But walk in and you'll know you're someplace different.  The Grosvenor's interior design hits all the trends of the last few years with exposed brick, brightly coloured enamel stools and naked filament bulbs on red wires, lounging beats bouncing gently off a huge rack of wine barrels that dominates the main bar.  Overall, the place feels like it's trying very hard not to offend anyone, and it seems to be working - the Grosvenor easily dominated this year's People's Choice Award voting.

But despite the no-risks taken atmosphere, there's a real attention to quality and variety here if you're willing to go beyond a Carlton and a parma.  The long menu is heavy on protein with five options each of burger, parmas and steaks.  It's usually a sign that a kitchen is going for quantity over quality but here not so: the Mr Pink burger comes with pink peppercorn mayo, mushies and blue cheese sauce.  Even with such bold competing flavours the beef is the star of the show.  There's creativity too, like chickpea chips served as a little Jenga stack studded with fennel seed with a spicy paprika romesco sauce.  There's also a kids' menu, wood fired pizzas, and screw it, why not call ahead and order a whole suckling pig if you're really hungry?

Craft beer is well represented with Moon, Boy, Nomad and La Sirene on tap and more craft and Euro options by the bottle.  The wine list is also extensive, although the by the glass options are predictable.  All the other pub boxes are ticked with plenty of screens for footy-watching, trivia on Wednesdays, bingo on Mondays and live acoustic gigs on Sunday arvo.  There's not a lot else for us to say as you, our dear readers, have spoken: the Grosvenor is your king of pubs.



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