Good Beer Week.


In just six years, it has grown from the spark of an idea to a global festival made up of 270 diverse and innovative events across Melbourne and Victoria that attracts seventy five thousand attendees from across Australia and overseas.

Run by an independent, not-for-profit association, the program has grown almost 500 percent in size since launching in May 2011 and in 2017 it celebrates its seventh anniversary with a lineup that will no doubt feature guests from around the world, big name chefs, masterclasses, sublime degustations, live music and a even a fashion show. 

It is Australia’s preeminent beer event, one that has inspired smaller imitators interstate and in New Zealand, and is well placed to achieve its founders’ stated goal of establishing the leading beer festival in the Asia Pacific region. It is the biggest single platform for local brewers and beer businesses to showcase themselves to a broad audience and also plays host to the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) and the three-day GABS 2016, Beer, Cider, Food Festival at the Royal Exhibition Building. 

Grosvenor Hotel | Good Beer Week Pint of Origin

Pint of Origin - Queensland

In Grosvenor Hotel’s biggest tap takeover yet, brews from the sunshine state feature in a stellar line-up.   Sample beer from up-and-coming breweries Newstead, Green Beacon, Balter, Black Hops & Good Beer Co.

Throughout the festival, tasting paddles will be available, allowing you to taste each of the brews or settle on a favourite and join us for a pint.  




Green Beacon BrEWing Co - Windjammer IPA  6%

Aromas of fresh lychee, candied orange, resinous pine needles and dried mango lead into subtle sweet malt flavours that are punctuated by a firm lingering bitterness. Bold and beautifully balanced.

This beer reached #56 in the 2017 GABS Hottest 100


Newstead Brewing Co - Out & a Bout Pale Ale  5.1% 

Out and a Bout is a modern style pale ale with depth of flavour and solid hop character. Smooth bitterness with complex aromas ranging from fruit salad to spicy timber coupled with just enough richness in the grain build makes Out and a Bout an ale that can be enjoyed anytime with or without food while still standing on its own merits.


Balter Brewery - XPA  5%

It might be pale but there’s nothing weak about this bad boy.  Tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palate that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone.  Tailored for those who enjoy a fully-hopped beer that’s still easy to drink.

This beer reached #4 in the 2017 GABS Hottest 100


Green Beacon brewing co - WAYFARER AMERICAN WHEAT 4.9%

A delightfully complex cloudy wheat beer that has been left on the yeast to accentuate its traditional yet unique flavour. Hints of banana and cloves combine to balance the clean finish of this crisp session ale. Subtly hopped to allow the distinct yeast qualities to shine through, Wayfarer Wheat has a beautiful creamy head that laces and complements the soft nature of this winning ale. A continental dream!


GOOD BEER CO - Great Barrier Beer Session IPA 3.5%

Great Barrier Beer session IPA is a crisp and refreshing session IPA brewed with Galaxy hops to give it a fruity flavour of passionfruit. It's an easy drinking mid strength perfect for enjoying in the sunshine. 

Australia's first social enterprise beer.  Grosvenor Hotel was the first Bottle Shop in Melbourne to support the cause

4 Hearts New World Pilsner

Newstead Brewing Co - 3 Quarter Time Session Ale  3.4%

Pale malt may be the backbone, but it is the Carapils and Carahell that give toasty flavour, malty sweetness, mouth feel and body to diminish any lightweight preconceptions.  Amarillo and Mosaic hops during the whirlpool, as well as dry hopping, give this beer just enough bitterness balanced with, abundant but not overpowering, flavours of citrus, berry, pine and herbs.  A beer you can keep coming back to. Session Ale is what it says, something to drink a few of whenever you see fit.

4 hearts brewing - seasonal new world pilsner 5%

 New world German and New Zealand hops were both in the boil and then dry hopped to give this beer a really unique and very hoppy and crisp finish. The simple malt bill of pilsner and small amount of speciality malts help to perfectly balance the hop profile. It's easy to drink and will definitely have you coming back for more.

on rotation




Newstead have made a base Strong Golden Ale, lightly hopped with Hallertau Blanc, El Dorardo and Enigma, chucked it in Shiraz and Chardonnay barrels, inoculated with mixed culture and left to ferment for three months. The result is a barely controlled, wild conglomerate of funk, spice and tannins. This beer is full bodied and warm, perfect for a cool Melbourne nights.




This beer features tropical notes (think green pineapples and sunshine). It's tongue-tingly-ness might perhaps lead you into thinking it's not what you would traditionally call a "beer", and you'd be right. It is however, decidedly unique and definitely worth a cheeky taste.


4 hearts hazelnut dark mild mid ale

This bad boy brew is so new and special we can't even drop you any hints as to what it's like. You'll just have to drop in and try one fresh from the tap. 


Grosvenor Hotel | Craft Beer, Bingo & Burgers

Three breweries.  Two hilarious hosts.  One time honoured game.  Barrels of fun.

Craft Beer, Bingo & Burgers.


Consider yourself a craft beer buff?  Do you find yourself the person in the group who eats, breathes and sleeps everything craft beer?  Then this event is for you.  

We’ve teamed up with three of our Queensland Pint of Origin breweries who are putting their stamp on the craft beer movement to create a night of Craft Beer, Burgers & Bingo.

Our MC's will take to the mic to present a tailored version of the timeless game, designed with the Balter Brewery, Newstead Brewing Co and Green Beacon Brewing in mind.

You’ll enjoy an expertly crafted beer from each brewery (plus a bonus cider round), alongside your choice of burger created by Grosvenor Hotel’s Head Chef and proud beef expert, Paul Tyas. 

This is your chance to gain inside knowledge to some of Queensland’s stellar breweries and there’s great prizes up for grabs!

Round 1
Newstead Brewing Co- 3 Quarter Time Session Ale

Round 2
Green Beacon Brewing - Wayfarer American Wheat

Round Three
Balter Brewing- Balter XPA

Bonus Round
Granite Cider Co - Treehouse Cider

The Big Bad Wolf.

What’s better than beer and beef? Adding hot sauce! 

St Kilda’s Grosvenor Hotel is teaming up with Melbourne’s very own Wolf of the Willows to create the legendary Big Bad Wolf Steak Sandwich.  

In a Pint of Origin tie in, Grosvenor Hotel will be moving away from their usual Gippsland grass fed beef and will be using premium grain fed beef from Darling Downs, Queensland.

Paired with a Wolf of the Willows India Saison and accompanied by some of Melbourne Hot Sauce’s finest, this is one sandwich that will have you craving seconds.  


The Big Bad Wolf Steak Sandwich

Grain fed beef, Darling Downs, Queensland, Swiss cheese, tomato, cornichon, American mustard, house ketchup



This beer displays abundant layers of new world hops whilst integrating the beautiful complexities of traditional Belgian farmhouse yeast. The malt bill of Pilsner, wheat, rye and oats was carefully selected to impart a sweet, slightly spicy berry-nut flavour and deliver a deep golden hue. Oats and Rye provide a viscous, medium mouthfeel that evolves to a dry crisp finish. Mosaic, Ella, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops provide aromas of fresh lychee, crushed grapes and dried mango. Moderate bitterness is supported by a subtle yet lingering mild pepper sensation. Refreshing and quaffable yet subtly complex.

The Wilson.

STKBB and Boatrocker Brewery are getting frisky with the brisket at STKBB this Good Beer Week. 

Head Chef Paul Tyas has crafted a melt-in-your-mouth chilli and chocolate braised brisket and placed it between two buns, creating The Wilson. 

Paired with the freshly launched Boatrocker Stout, this burger is available throughout the duration of Good Beer Week from STKBB, located in the Grosvenor Hotel drive-thru


The Wilson

Chilli and coffee braised brisket, jalapenos, tomato lettuce



Boatrocker Stout is a beer that celebrates all the good things we look for in a Stout. Great balance of roast malts including slight coffee and a chocolatey finish combined with a full-bodied mouthfeel make this a real rib-sticker.

AIBA Champion Small Brewery for 2015 – A reflection of the quality of beer across their entire range.

Owners of the largest barrel-ageing program in the country, now with over 300 barrels.


Take Good Beer Week Home.

In celebration of Good Beer Week, a few of our featured brews will be available to takeaway throughout the festival from Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop, located in the Grosvenor Hotel drive-through.

Green Beacon Brewing Co - Windjammer IPA
Green Beacon Brewing Co - Wayfarer American Wheat
Newstead Brewing Co - 3 Quarter Time Session Ale
Newstead Brewing Co - Out & A Bout Pale Ale
Good Beer Co - Great Barrier Beer
Balter Brewery - XPA

Keen to try more great brews from our Pint of Origin super stars?  Here are a few more options to pick up and take home from our drive-through.

Green Beacon Brewing Co - 3 Bolt Pale
Balter Brewery - Alt Brown
Balter Brewery - Pilsner

Grosvenor Hotel | Good Beer Week delivered directly to your door

Good Beer Week.  Delivered to Your Door.

Can’t make it down to try the Big Bad Wolf or The Wilson?  No worries! 

Deliveroo have got you sorted as Grosvenor Hotel & STKBB’s exclusive delivery partner bring Good Beer Week into your home!